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About Me

Hello, I’m J.Wu, welcom to my site.

You can call me J or Jia (^_^)

I’m a graphic designer & a landscape photographer, and multi-award winner of international photography competitions.

I’m living in the United States, love traveling and experiencing the different cultures of the land.

In 2018, I founded J Wu Studio in my spare time, designing some little things for people with similar hobbies and interests. Hoping that my original design works will bring comfort and beauty to your lives.

  • Graphic designer 、Photographer
  • Member of  Photographic Society of America(PSA)
  • China Animation Association of Suzhou
Please tag me in your related post, or use the tag #jwustudio if you do n’t mind, so I can make sure I don’t miss it

华人小伙伴可以叫我 J,也可以叫我灰凉,
如果您使用Instagram,请在相关帖子中标记我哦,或者用标签 #jwustudio 我就不会错过,您用这里的火漆章制作的可爱作品啦,也是我继续走下去的动力呢。