In 2018, I founded J Wu Studio in my spare time, hoping that my original design works will bring comfort and beauty to people’s lives.

Jia Wu

Jia Wu

New Jersey,USA

Hello, Welcom to my site.

I’m a graphic designer & a landscape photographer, and multi-award winner of international photography competitions.

One of my earlier fun and exciting jobs was working as a cartoon artist. my artwork was used in Sakura Wars; Rurouni Kenshin; The King of Braves GaoGaiGar; Steam Detectives; Chibi Maruko-chan, and other cartoons. This creative experience helped me become a board member of the China Animation Association of Suzhou, in 2009.

I like to try new things, often changing the style of my work, this characteristic makes me a painter, photographer and creator of handmade items.

I love traveling and experiencing the different cultures of the land, and  enjoy to work with my Traveler’s Notebook.

  • Graphic designer 、Photographer
  • Member of  Photographic Society of America(PSA)
  • China Animation Association of Suzhou







2018年,我用业余时间创办了 J Wu Studio,希望我的原创设计作品,能为您的柔软时光带来些许惬意和美丽。

  • 平面设计师、摄影师
  • 美国摄影学会(PSA)会员
  • 中国苏州漫画协会理事


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